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Forever Loving You

Death ends a life, not a relationship.

Transcending Life

When we accept death as a partner to life, we really begin to live.


A life is momentary.
Death is permanent.
Treasure life.


is nature's laughter,

the rain, her tears,
and the flowers
her joys throughout the years...

Living Life

Live the life you love.
Love the life you lead.
No regrets.


is the moment of actualization when one realizes expectations weren't met by reality.

My Dad's Dream

Dad once said that when I was a spirited teen, he used to lie awake at night
and ask himself, "Where have I gone wrong?"


To which he replied, "This is going to take more than one night!" And it did.


Now when he goes to bed, he asks himself, "How did I do so good?"


To which he replies, "This is going to take more than one night!" Then he falls asleep.

Living Life and Loving It

Those things that I have done with the greatest enthusiasm,
right, wrong, or otherwise foolish,
are those things that have brought me my greatest joys and pleasures,
and sometimes, my greatest pains so as to recognize them by.

The Heart's Search

T'was the heavens and the earths from which thy answers unto me

Yet I ponder at this peaceful place for my heart's desire I failed to see

Mine knows thy secrets of ports to futile winds holding gales at bay

Amid the oyster beds shells protect and sands smooth the silken way

Where upon the barren shores hands held in two's connected to the heart

And shadows dissipate for thy sun's warmth and bed thee down 'er impart

And love, hope, trust, and faith exceed heavenly bliss, oh what beauty manifest my destiny it seems

Shalln't love be for mine heart yearns so, or have thee held these desires only to my dreams.


On the EDGE
If you aren't living on the edge,
you are taking up way too much space!


Someone once told me
you find peace
by removing issues' provocation...


I'd like to think
we could focus on resolving the provocation.


My Trust in You,
You will earn,
not only by superficial acts & words
but moreover
by thoughts, actions, & deeds;
not by what you have & want
but by who you are to me.
Your Trust in me, I'll earn,
but moreover
I'll value it,
honor it,
and keep it sacred.
For trust
is the basis upon which we stand
it allows us to survive our trials.

All other things then have their place.

It's never Just Business

"It's just business" really means: "I'm not personally responsible."


My Pace of Life

If I keep this pace,

perhaps I shall exceed the speed of mankind

and become one with universe;

If not, then I hope to have done many good things

in a single lifetime.

By Herr Henry Winkler, Zürich, Switzerland


Every decision ought be made with head and heart...

when one has considered all possible outcomes from the position of having made the decision.

By Professor Hal Dorf, IMD, Lausaunne, Switzerland

Raising the Sun

"If I do nothing to move me forward in life today, I move backwards twice a fast;

if all I do propels me forward, I max;

anywhere in between, I've forgone growth"

Socrates said...

To live an unexamined life is to live no life at all...

And someone else said:

There are two ways to go through life:

DOUBTING everything, or AGREEING TO everything...

Either way, neither require one to think.


The Greatest Teacher

My Father was the greatest teacher I have ever known...
and he was the only one who accepted that it would just take me a lifetime to learn...

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