Do You Ever Wonder?


Do you ever wonder if I think about you?
Do you ever miss me?
Do you wonder if I remember a first time?
Do you?
Do you wonder If I remember a last time?

Or is that yet to come?

In life, the days pass fast, the years speed with time,
The fall comes and brings its winter,
The spring brings its summer,
And thoughts of you bring all the joys of the seasons,
And as with many joys to one's life,
With them comes the pains...

Some believe that pain is the bad emotion,
That it serves to bring us uncomfortableness,
Some say all pain fades into nothingness,
That is the trick of time...

I believe that pain is but a messenger,
And with it comes a reality not otherwise known,
It is but through the pain of memories, such as mine of you,
That I can feel the joys... both those of past and those of present...

I long to touch you, to smell you, to feel your touch on me,
I long to sense you, to hear you, to tell you that I care,
I long to turn back clocks, and with them time...

And in that longing, there is pain.

Just as there was joy....

Written for FSN.


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