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Murder She Wrote

"Murder, she wrote", staring Angela Lansbury, and featuring situational andecetotal murder mysteries involving murder began as a narration. Jessica Fletcher narrated her murder and crime mysteries. Later, she moved to New York to be closer to crime, New York criminal attorneys and New York police, of course. Murder followed Jessica everywhere she went. If she went to a party, somebody was murdered. If she went to the hair dressers, surely a criminal homicide would occur. While the show did not depict the felonies, we found a site ( that does a great job at differentiating murder from felony murder from homicide from all the other forms of murder.

Diminished Capacity, A Murder Defense

Diminished capacity is the mental state that people with Alzheimer's find themselves in when the Alzheimer's has advanced to the point where they are not able to differentiate reality from fiction. But what is diminished capacity. For a good definition of diminished capacity, check out Diminished Capacity, Unintentional Murder.

Grandparents Visitation

Grandparents have rights, too! Many grandparents would love to share in their grandchildren's lives, but due to disputes that are unresolved, legal action between parents and children, lack of support or maintenance from a parent, or alternative lifestyle choices (such as same sex relationships), many grandparents are denied the right to visit their grandchildren. We wanted to pass along the name of an attorney in Madison who helps grandparents obtain visitation rights: Kathy Reiley. You can visit her website at:

Murder on the Orient Express is one of the most watched films in history.


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