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Do That To Me One More Time (other versions)

Theodore Golisek

Theodore Golisek, June 16, 1916 - March 30, 2005

Theodore Golisek Memorial Fund

Defining Life With Alzheimer's

International Business Association

From the humble beginnings in a single office housing some 10-12 students on any given day, the IBA grew into a global educational and business association, and placed its marks on the walls of history. Today, the programs founded by the great leaders who had the courage to lose sight of the land and conquer their horizons continue to foster the channels through which business is learned, experienced, studied and queried in the halls of NMU and in the world.

International Business Association
Hal & Arlene visit Green Bay, Wisconsin
We Were Stars - NMU Promotional Video - Folks, this is in AVI format
   Flash Version is having mixing issues (Okay, it's from pre-video-on-the-net days) - A Tribute To Hal


Current Stars: Lou Vargo - Listen to Lay Me Down, Black Eyed Jane, Footsteps, Believe, Gone Too Long

Just For Fun

Sunz Spots...

Sunz Spots... During our time off, we escape to remote areas across the states, in Canada, and across the bigger ponds... in these albumns, you will find snap shots of scenes, streams, and many endless trails....

Munising Photos by Pete Benzing and Jodi Golisek (mostly, by Pete =)


Wander as we may, near or far away, there is no place like home....

From the Journals...

From The Journals... While flipping through the pages of the old journals, these seemed to have held a special meaning for someone. Perhaps they will for you, too.

On Gitchee Gummee - It was a good day
The Bridges of Life
Sea Worthy
Endless Road To The Remembered Land
Name Game
Bed Of Life, Unknown Author

Quotable Quotables...

Quotable Quotables... A bit of rhetoric, a bit of fun, a few quotes, and then some...

Bits -n- Pieces

Bits and pieces, from near and far, a bit more rhetoric, a bit more fun, a few more quotes, and then some other stuff... such as Do you ever wonder?, Oh, The Bridges of Life, and Metaphor - Etymology

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